A success story:
The friendship between Israel and Germany

North Rhine-Westphalia has years of experience and a good reputation when it comes to exchanges with Israel. It would however be wrong to rest on our laurels - contacts and exchange on all levels can and should be further strengthened.  


  • Friendships - Partnerships - Contacts
    Our partnerships and friendships are very active. Currently, we have approx. 50 school partnerships, 29 town twinnings and many other ties between associations and establishments which have made exchanges their priority and objective.
  • Development programme
    From as early as 1998, the state of North Rhine-Westphalia has been running a training development programme for teachers in association with the Holocaust Memorial, Yad Vashem in Jerusalem.
    As a consequence of its succes, other professional groups from North Rhine-Westphalia have now visited the Yad Vashem memorial for training development purposes. This helps to keep alive the memory of the Shoah, the singular atrocity of the Nazi regime and the immeasurable suffering of the Jewish people. In 2008, a group of Düsseldorf policemen took part in a seminar in Yad Vashem for the first time, followed by North Rhine-Westphalian judges and public prosecutors in 2009.
  • Short-term scholarship programmes
    We work together very closely on this. Young Israeli academics receive funding for short-term scholarships.


New activities are added every year.

The content of these programmes varies greatly, but one principle always remains top on the agenda: exchange. Experience has shown us that it's worth the effort. That is why the Israeli and North Rhine-Westphalia governments signed an agreement in 2008 to pave the way for even more people to establish and develop contacts.

To some extent, this portal also provides information regarding the ties between North Rhine-Westphalian institutions and the Palestine territories and Jordan.

The portal for instance provides information with regard to bilateral exchange projects between schools in North Rhine-Westphalia and their partner schools in the Palestine territories. Regarding the North Rhine-Westphalia scholarship programme, the portal includes information concerning the commitment of NRW to trilateral academic projects with participants from Israel, the Palestine territories and Jordan as well as to scholarships for students from the Palestinian territories and Jordan. With the funding of comparable exchange measures not only with Israel, but also with partners in the Palestine territories and Jordan, NRW is underlining its friendly relations with the whole of the Near East. With its support for trilateral projects, it is expressing its hope to a contribution towards achieving peaceful coexistence in the Middle East through the promotion of mutual understanding and personal ties.

The fact that the information included here is available on www.nrwisrael.de should in no way imply that the Palestine territories form part of the state of Israel.

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