International Youth Exchanges: The North Rhine-Westphalia exchange programme

In a society marked by globalisation and immigration, coexistence and mutual understanding between different cultures are of extreme importance. The international youth initiatives take into account the intercultural reality. It encourages young people to participate in intercultural exchange and to share the values of our liberal democratic order, tracing this back to historical responsibilities. This will lead to transborder collective problem solving, securing peace and strengthening the European identity. Young people, with only slight opportunities to participate in international projects should above all be given the chance of doing so. This would allow them to gather valuable experience.

Furthermore, North Rhine-Westphalia is supporting visits to memorials of the crimes of National Socialism. This is within the framework of political and social education, contributing to the confrontation with this theme. This will help developing the interest in political participation and critical judgments of political processes. Active contributions to political processes will enhance the personal development.

International youth and professional meetings, particularly with Israel, Poland and Turkey, as well as visits to memorials of the crimes of National Socialism are being promoted.   

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