Cooperation with the Holocaust Memorial Centre Yad Vashem

During her trip to Israel in 2014, Minister President Hannelore Kraft signed a "Memorandum of Understanding for the Further Strengthening of the Cooperation" between the state government and the Israeli Holocaust Memorial Centre Yad Vashem. The Memorandum of Understanding is being successfully implemented. The cooperation with Yad Vashem has become closer and more intensive, particularly in the following areas:

Advanced training courses

The state has been cooperating with Yad Vashem for many years regarding advanced training courses for teachers. The teachers' training project ‘Education after Auschwitz’ has been offered since 1998 together with the International School for Holocaust Studies, Yad Vashem, Jerusalem. The Münster Regional Government is responsible for the project. Study trips for judges and prosecutors have also been performed and are still carried out on a regular basis.
These advanced training concepts have now been extended since 2016 by study trips for future police officials in higher-ranking service during their studies at the vocational college and, within the framework of the curricular possibilities, also in the training of students of senior police services at the German Police University (Deutsche Hochschule der Polizei (DHPol)). The Ministry of Internal Affairs and Municipal Issues (Ministerium für Inneres und Kommunales (MIK) concluded an appropriate agreement with Yad Vashem in December 2015 based on the Memorandum of Understanding. Furthermore, joint events are planned in North Rhine-Westphalia on police history and professional ethics organised by the educational institutions for police training and Yad Vashem.

Cooperation with the memorial centres

The Arbeitskreis der NS-Gedenkstätten und -Erinnerungsorte in NRW e.V. (work group of NS memorial centres and remembrance sites) visited Yad Vashem and three other memorial sites in Israel, promoted by the Landeszentrale für politische Bildung (State Centre for Political Education) in December 2015 to become familiar with the Israeli approach to remembrance work. The aim of the trip, which was the development of cooperation projects between North Rhine-Westphalian and Israeli memorial centres, was achieved. Hence, the local memorial centres will establish pedagogic materials together with Yad Vashem. Extremely well-equipped sources of NS police crimes in Belarus, which are available in North Rhine-Westphalia, can be used for this purpose. In addition, an Israeli-German methodological conference on inter-ethnic history teaching at memorial centres is planned.

Inclusion of Yad Vashem in educational and extra-educational youth exchanges / cooperation projects in education work

The Ministerium für Schule und Weiterbildung (MSW) (Ministry of School and Further Education) provides a special promotion program since 2015, if pupils visit the Yad Vashem Memorial Centre within the framework of a student exchange program. And the offers of Yad Vashem can also be used within the framework of extra-educational exchange projects. The pedagogic materials developed and provided by Yad Vashem were introduced and made known to local teachers by means of publications, at an education congress or during the course of a workshop.

The NRW educational partnerships were complemented by the new "Schools - Memorial Centres" partnership. Here, too, the close cooperation with Yad Vashem and the support of school trips to extra-curricular learning centres is a primary goal.

Partner school project Yad Vashem/ICHEIC

Since March 2013, seminar participants in the advanced teacher training course 'Education after Ausschwitz' have the possibility of concluding a school partnership between their school and the International School for Holocaust Studies in Yad Vashem.

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